Reyleigh's Adventure is now in alpha testing, feedback is appreciated

I have been developing a platformer game on a course. It is currently in development and has a LOT of bugs in it. Some of the functions are missing, some aren't even working properly. Graphics are pretty bad and simple.

I'm using an engine to create/edit this game, it's called Construct 3.

Release date for the game is 28th of November.

Files 29 MB
Nov 02, 2017 29 MB
Oct 26, 2017


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It's a good start. I do have some questions though. Why not Unreal Engine? What is the focus in this game? Story? Gameplay? Something else? And how much time are you going to spend on this?

We only had 3 months to create this game from scratch, meaning that we also had to learn the whole engine at the same time. We used Construct 3 as engine, because it was really simple and easy to use. I had really huge ideas that I could add to the game, but the time was quite short, so I had to remove most of them. If I have free time, I will add those ideas into to the game. For example I already had planned the whole story to the game.

Nice. I am looking forward to the final version. But if you are thinking about making another game but have no budget i highly recommend using Unreal Engine. I have tried it myself and it is great. Takes some time to get the hang of it but it's great if you can use it.  Also no need to use much time on optimisation as it is a very powerful engine.